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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
WE WOULD BE MORE MORAL, if it weren't for that damned John Howard, according to one of our favourite Anglican loonies.

Adelaide's Anglican Archbishop, Ian George, says there is too much emphasis on terrorism as a major threat to society, when other issues pose greater concern.

We certainly need to be looking afresh at what we're really on about, what are our basic purposes for living and what kind of community we really want as a result.

What's stopping us?

Archbishop George says terrorism is not one of the biggest worries. He instead lists environmental damage, poverty and the possibility of a nuclear accident as the biggest concerns, along with what he sees as society's lack of spiritual depth.

Did you get that?

We're more at risk from a barrel of low-level radioactive lab gloves falling off a truck than from a well-planned truck bomb.

That's what I call spiritual depth.