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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I remember reading a comment by Biffer Balding to the effect that they weren't going to employ a conservative/right-wing Philip Adams, they were just going to take care of that in normal programming, comments reader MW.

You know, I think I do too.

It was one of those occasions when old Biffs and I were in complete agreement.

Can you imagine anyone intelligent enough to be on the right of politics who could match Philip Adams's pitifully low standards? We're talking deep ocean trenches here.

I can't either.

If there's a right-wing Gastropod I don't want to listen to him/her.

A pity Biffer didn't take the next obvious step to protect Auntie's virtue by sacking the gigolo.

And he didn't explain how you counteract the Gastropod's ideology, bigotry and dishonesty in "normal programming".

There's plenty of work for conscientious Board members to do.