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New Criterion



Thursday, January 22, 2004
ON THIS MORNING'S Radio National Breakfast you have missed a 20-minute infomercial for Coopers Brewery.


Apparently Coopers Brewery makes beer, along with a few dozen others who will never get infomercials on Auntie. So why the privilege.

I have no idea. Perhaps it's because Coopers is a private company, and you have to be one of the family to own a share of it. Rich families good, rich public shareholders bad.

Does that mean an infomercial could not possibly benefit Coopers?

Of course not. They are currently expanding into the eastern states, and national coverage is like gold to them.

And they could go public at any time the rewards are enticing enough. In which case the more bidders for their share offer, the richer the family.

So why the infomercial?

I have no idea.