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Friday, January 30, 2004
MEANWHILE, HENNY HERALD'S London correspondent, Peter Fray, shows Margo Kingston that plum overseas postings are within the reach of her journalistic standards.

In his latest pathetic editorial, Peter Fray damns Lord Hutton's report because "it fails to find room for several key questions". (You'll have to wait for the link; Henny treats Fray's contributions as journalism not opinion.)

Chief among them is whether the intelligence in the Blair Government's now famous September 2002 dossier justified going to war against Saddam Hussein".

That is, Hutton is not dinkum, according to Fray, unless he expresses a view on British government foreign policy and the adequacy, in hindsight, of its intelligence apparatus.

Hutton was asked "...urgently to conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr Kelly."

But never mind, let's apply the Michael Kirby doctrine, and let Hutton do whatever he likes.

How about this: "urgently to enquire into the presence of systematic bias in the BBC's coverage of British foreign policy and whether there is reason to suppose that the BBC's appalling standards of veracity and editorial control in the case of Dr Kelly were related in any way to such bias."

It couldn't hurt, could it.

After all, according to Fray, "For all his years as a judge, Hutton clearly likes seeing the best in people."