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Friday, January 30, 2004
HE'S GONE, as he had to. BBC boss Greg Dyke has walked or been pushed, saying "I don't want to go. But if in the end you screw up you have to go."

Dyke hopes "a line can be drawn under this whole episode", but his staff aren't helping.

In the wake of his resignation there were spontaneous walkouts at BBC offices in Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff and Londonderry.

within hours of director general Greg Dyke's resignation on Thursday, there were unprecedented scenes of spontaneous support and raw emotion from BBC employees outside Television Centre.

And what are their conscripted shareholders to make of that?

Just this. According to Dyke:

The BBC had made certain mistakes, he said, adding: "I do not necessarily accept the findings of Lord Hutton."

In other words, he was pushed out.

Later, asked whether he was sacked by the BBC governors, Mr Dyke said he had offered his resignation on Wednesday night. ... "After that it was up to them," he said.

It is understood the governors voted by 2-1 to accept his resignation.

Mr Dyke said he "could not quite work out" what the governors had apologised for.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.