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Thursday, January 29, 2004

According to Henny Herald's London correspondent Peter Fray, who predicted yesterday that the British PM "was facing a humiliating defeat by a backbench rebellion", and "the Hutton report is expected to severely criticise several key members of Mr Blair's staff", Tony Blair was lucky to escape conviction for the offence he did not commit.

Blair ducks bullets on Iraq report. Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has narrowly survived the biggest crisis of his nearly seven years in power

In fact, the Hutton report did not criticise Blair at all.

Don't worry, Henny faithful, Fray will soon think of something else:

Lord Hutton's surprise failure to harshly criticise Mr Blair will give him temporary respite

The BBC's performance, of course, barely scores a mention.

Fray's own pathetic journalism is completely ignored.