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Thursday, January 29, 2004
THE BBC IS THE TRUE SPIN-MEISTER of the British political stage.

Just cop this official BBC response to Lord Hutton's devastating analysis of the BBC's malicious invention in the David Kelly affair:

"However we would point out again, that at no stage in the last eight months have we accused the prime minister of lying and have said this publicly on several occasions.

"The dossier raised issues of great public interest. Dr Kelly was a credible source.

"Provided his allegations were reported accurately, the public in a modern democracy had a right to be made aware of them. The greater part of the BBC's coverage of the dossier fulfilled this purpose.

It's the part of the Beeb's reporting that deliberately distorted, abused David Kelly's trust, sought to undermine the British Government on Iraq, lied about the story when challenged, - that is, the lesser part of the story according to the Beeb - that Hutton condemned.

Jesus wept.