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Thursday, August 21, 2003
WHILE THE AUSTRALIAN'S Errol Simper gives a mostly-deserved pat on the back to Radio National's documentary work, he ignores some of the even more deserving informers who give the RN brand value. And ignores the puzzling question, why let such down-market no-talents as Appropriator Adams, Pastor Groucho Lane, Francis Leach and old Max-weird McCutcheon have a license to besmirch it?

While Simper gives Auntie a cheer, the audiences continue to walk out, according to the latest audience survey.

Sydney audience share for Radio National has dropped 10%, Melbourne 9%. Similar in Adelaide, with only Brisbane and Perth bucking the trend.

What it means is this: of every 100 Sydney-siders with a radio on during the day, 2.6 tuned to Radio National. Even News Radio gets 1.9!

Meanwhile, ABC local radio continues to rocket ahead in the major markets.

The total for all five ABC radio channels in Sydney is 20%, but half of that goes to one channel, local radio.

Last time I looked at these figures they showed an increase in RN's audience, which the vile Gastropod used as an occasion to lie to us about how many hundred thousand Australians were listening to him.

If he tries this stunt again, bear in mind this fact. The audience figures are based on the entire period 5.30 am to midnight! What proportion of the 7.00 pm news audience hangs around for Late Night Live, do you suppose? A Gastropodian 100%, or some fraction thereof?