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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

If Uncle's pension depended on the proportion of emails in favour of my position on Hanson then my poverty would be even more pitiful.

It boils down to three main points, the supposed technical nature of the offence, the contribution Hanson has made to stiffening John Howard's political spine, and the way the scoundrels forming the Greens and Democrats feed off public funding although despised by a far greater proportion of the population.

I can go some way with the latter two points. But 'technical' fault, I think not.

Unless I have completely misread the issue, there was method behind One Nation's breach of the electoral regulations. The Hanson cronies wanted the financial benefits of having a political party without the nuisance of members who might threaten their ownership of the assets. Not only were they too valuable to risk at election for party office, so was the money.

The public funding of parties is bad enough, but trying to collar this money, without playing the political game of controlling a membership before they control you, is a rort too far.

One Nation cronyism makes Labor factionalism look positively healthy by comparison.

Three years? One year? Parole? That is a technical matter, but if you look at the comparisons in my previous blog it's hard to find a basis for conspiracy theorising.

And why are the nasty media picking on that public-spirited Tony Abbott?

Later. At the end of the 7.30 report tonight, mouthpiece Kerry O'Brien concedes that the footage they have been playing, of Abbott denying his involvement in funding legal action against Hanson, was shot before the fund was established. Oh dear. But it's all Abbott's fault for not providing them with the contradiction of their invention before they had invented it. Well done, Auntie.