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Friday, August 22, 2003
GUNNER WILKIE lays down a withering barrage of - flannel.

Mr Wilkie accused the Government of lying and fabricating evidence and he says it was clear dishonesty.

How did it do that?

"One of the most effective ways the Government exaggerated the threat was by taking the ambiguity out of it," he said.

"For want of some subtle little changes, the threat was rebuilt, in other words it was sexed up, yeah it was sexed up."

Considering the fate of the Beeb's "they sexed it up" attack on the Blair government, perhaps Gunner should have used his own words.

"Removing ambiguity". Journalists get paid for that.

"I will go so far as to say that the material was going straight from ONA to the Prime Minister's office and the exaggeration was occurring in there,"

Wilkie was a member neither of the sending nor the receiving party, so he has to go a very long way indeed to say that.

Way, way out into fantasy land.

Simon, he's all yours.