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Sunday, July 20, 2003
WHO'S GREAT? wonders reader Jeremy. No problem for a communard.

I was just now flicking through the ABC website when I came across this
passage at the 'Big Ideas: Australia Forums' site:

"The first series of four programs, broadcast in July 2002, talked
about water, population, Indigenous issues and class. The second series,
broadcast in early 2003, tackled Australia's defence issues and the
legacy of our two great post war political leaders, Robert Menzies and Gough
Whitlam. In the final program, Michael Cathcart and Don Watson
discussed Australian historian Manning Clark."

By any objective standard little Johnny would have to rank higher than the Goof.

For that matter, who thinks the old duffer Clark a "great" historian? Not even Cathcart and Watson, but they've actually read him.