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Monday, July 21, 2003

Sorry, but you've got the wrong Jonathan Miller. One - Dr, now Sir, Jonathan - is indeed a multi-talented medic and director of opera (whom you don't have to be that ancient to have heard of: he was on ABC TV twice last week).

You mean Jonathan Miller was on Auntie TV last week and she didn't promote it? Bastards!

Or did you mean Kentucky State Treasury Jonathan Miller

The other is a commentator on matters relating to the media who used to work for Murdoch but who now, apparently, is a Conrad Black man. (The clue in the article is that he says he's 51; the more operatic medic is pushing 70.)

Two real Jonathan Millers is inconceivable. There's not enough space in the universe.

It is unlikely that more famous Miller, a veteran of BBC arts broadcasting in its great days under Huw Wheldon, feels any hostility to the license fee.

Don't see why not. He is intelligent.

If you mean the Jonathan Miller who's boss of AOL/Time Warner"I bet he hates the license fee.

I should say, though, that the less famous Miller mounts a good case: unusually for him, since his tone is often more loutish than the one he employs here. And any organisation that shouts Polly Toynbee a chicken diner - even at so ridiculous an establishment as Quo Vadis - obviously needs to have its charter examined.

If he's not the real Jonathan Miller, Alan, I don't give a stuff.