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Monday, July 28, 2003

Last week reader William heard from another parent of a young Australian injured by deliberate violence overseas.

I'm listening to PM right now and they're interviewing Mick Vernardos, Cooloola Shire mayor and father of Peter, the Australian just injured in Iraq. Obviously the ABC hack is trying to goad him into coming over all Brian Deegan ("you must be relieved your son is out of Iraq ...") but Mick's having none of it - his son is a fine soldier in a professional army and his thoughts first and foremost will be with his comrades still in the field and their as yet uncompleted mission.

Considering the national prominence given to Magistrate Deegan, who lost a son in Bali, and has had frequent use of Auntie's pulpit to promote his anti-Government views, William supposes:

I expect him to receive requests for interviews on a weekly basis and regular invitations to write newspaper opinion columns expressing his admiration for the outstanding work of the coalition forces in Iraq.

I think William is having a lend of me.