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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
ON THE ROPES. How do you tell when someone is having trouble answering criticism?

Just check the amount of abuse in their response. Like this example:

KEITH WINDSCHUTTLE, AUTHOR: I started with Henry Reynolds' claim that 10,000 Aborigines had been killed in Queensland before Federation. Reynolds had provided false citation of his evidence. In the three years since then I have been checking the footnotes of the other historians in this field and have found a similar degree of misrepresentation, deceit, and outright fabrication. Henry Reynolds is the best of them.

PROF. HENRY REYNOLDS, UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA: One of your problems, Keith, is that you are so self-righteous. You are unbelievably self-righteous. You vilify people whose evidence you don't like and you accept uncritically. The whole book does this. It's not unusual. We are all like that, but don't put yourself up as an arbiter for rigorous historical method, because you're not.

This, and many more insights into how the left behaves when it's caught playing in the gutter, can be gleaned from the transcript of Channel 9's Sunday programme referred to in the previous blog.

Well worth reading.