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Sunday, July 13, 2003

A former controller of ABC News Services, Keith Fraser, died recently, and has received an obit. in Friday's Henny Herald (no link, page 30).

Fraser's views were formed in the days when news and commentary were clearly demarcated.

He was present at the birth of ABC Current Affairs, which proceeded to make News look boring by introducing the personality of the presenter between the story and the viewer.

Under Fraser, News bulletins reporters were required to seek balance in stories based on a debatable viewpoint. Public Affairs argued that an insistence on balance within every story made for dull programming... Fraser remained adamant that news reporters must be imparital and not voice their own opinions. He would not allow editorial comment by reporters...

Fraser lost. Now many of Auntie's, and our, employees cannot tell the difference.

Wish you could read it. Check your nearest fish and chip shop.