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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

David Kelly has topped himself after being exposed as the source claimed by the Beeb's Andrew Gilligan for his story that Blair's minders rigged an intelligence report.

Who's to blame?

Blair, shouts Henny Herald.

The BBC, rants the (UK) Sun.

The Australian thinks they're both in trouble.

If, as Kelly indicated, he didn't provide Gilligan with the story, or with the kind of evidence that could justify Gilligan attributing his story to an informed source rather than to speculation from whatever source, then the Beeb was indeed highly unprofessional. And unkind to Kelly, whose reputation he has now left entirely in their hands.

Henny is worried the same might happen to our own Andrew Wilkie. You recall Andrew was an intelligence insider who came out, but without bringing anything in the way of information with him. His field was housekeeping, but he "was on call to work on any war that came along". But not actually and in fact, apparently, Iraq.

Andrew is not happy.

"The bottom line is, I'm exhausted. I haven't had a chance to get a job. I don't know what the prospects there are. I want to get on with my life, but I don't have that opportunity."

Before Andrew does anything silly, Uncle wants to clarify his earlier comments. I may have mislead you.

I did not realise that Andrew was subpoenaed to London where the Parliamentary Select Committe, with not a little help from Andrew, made him look like a clot. That was not fair, and I hope our laws will be changed so that it never happens again.

And now it appears the US army has kidnapped him, just like David Hicks, because he is in Washington. "I certainly didn't expect that ... I would be standing here in Washington" he told Henny, presumably after escaping his captors.

While Andrew has been shackled by those anglophonic bastards overseas, the local bastard Howard has been saying unkind things about him: "somebody in the PM's office leaked to the media that I am having family problems, and that I was mentally unstable." Henny, and Uncle, can disprove that in Andrew's own words: "I think I'm holding up pretty well, no more than that." Better than being dead.

So let's all work together to repatriate Andrew Wilkie and provide him with a respite from the unwelcome attention that threatens his peace of mind.

Especially you, Henny.

(Andrew spoke to us by courtesy of Henny's page 9 yesterday, but her website is helping him forget).