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Friday, July 18, 2003
IS ALSTON PRECIOUS, or is Auntie dragging its feet on the Iraq AM bias dossier?

Auntie's rules give her eight weeks to respond, and she's going to take every day of it. Question is, does she need to, or is just one in the eye for the Minister?

Let's see, a couple of days to hear what the AM operatives have to say, another couple to hear the managers who claim to manage the editorial side of the programme, two days to write a report, one day for a committee meeting, allow a week for sick days, and to talk to the Chairman if you want to. It couldn't possibly take longer than three weeks.

Looks to me that the communards want to prove to Alston, and the rest of us, just how powerless the Government is. No matter how many Board memberrs they appoint, or MDs they sack, Government has no role in making our public broadcaster accountable.

Good one, communards. Now, if only you could put your own fingers in the taxpayers' pockets, like Great-Auntie Beeb.