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Friday, July 25, 2003

Today's chat show for the stay-at-homes, Life Matters, takes on the issue of the death of Dr David Kelly. It's in the first hour if you're reading this within four weeks and have the bandwidth for audio.

The bubbly hostess, Julie McCrossin, mouths her minders' intro. To the effect that this is a matter of the objective scientist being crushed by the merciless Blair government.

She has a panel of three, two academics and one Graham Richardson. None of them suppports the communard view.

For a determined and serial background briefer like Kelly, political exposure is hardly a surprise, and not inherently unjust.

The two academics remind us of the general view that the Beeb sexed-up Kelly's comments (since he was not in a position to know what went in the intelligence advice to government, or who did what with it thereafter) and deliberately misinformed their Governors and Parliament about what they had done. One of the academics thinks that the relationship of the media to their leakers is the main issue now.

Towards the end of this long discussion, McCrossin puts Kelly's fate again as the responsibility of the Blair Government. As if she has heard not a word of what her guests have said.

It is Uncle's surmise that future scripts on the Kelly affair uttered by Radio National mouthpieces, from Breakfast to Late Night Live, will continue the "Blair killed him" line. A free blog to anyone who can prove me wrong.