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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
IF UNCLE WERE the kind of simpleton who saw effects where there are, in fact, only phenomena, and then tried to attach causes to them, he would conclude that Richard Alston's assault on Auntie had had some moderating effect.

Last night our favourite Gastropod, Philip Adams, hosted a debate between Ron Brunton and Margaret Simon on the Hindmarsh Island - secret women's business - affair. There was nothing there to surprise you if you've paid any attention to the business before.

What was surprising was the Gastropod's manner of hosting. Apart from his distracting inanity he threw no logs across Brunton's progress and appeared to be a passable chairman.

And tonight he's talking to Christopher Hitchens about the latter's recent visit to Iraq. In this case, the Gastropod, not being a thinker, could not match it with Hitchens even if he tried.

The remarkable thing is, Hitchens gets a gig. The last one was twelve months ago.