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Monday, July 14, 2003
CAN'T STAY LONG. I've just dropped in before taking my seat in front of the box for tonight's Media Watch.

I mustn't be late, because tonight David Marr and the Gruesome Crew just have to be doing a follow up on their job on Sally Loane of Auntie's popular 702 local radio in Sydney. Sally, you may recall, thought there was a bunch of fiery terrorists in Indonesia called 'Laksar Jihad'.

Well, on Saturday, Henny Herald's senior commentator Alan Ramsey thought just the same thing. Or, rather, he thought that an ONA report had found "an Islamic group known as Laksar jihad" (11th paragraph in).

I just can't wait to see Brave Dave pick a stoush with Ramsay.

Where are those peanuts?