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Thursday, July 10, 2003
ANOTHER NORTH AMERICAN AUTHOR plugging a book is noted by reader Douglas. This time on SBS, Auntie's ethnic cousin (no link available).

On another tack, SBS news and current affairs seems to be no different to ABC. Last night SBS screened what amounted to as nothing but an exercise in hagiography on Gueverra. No mention the man was a brutal killer whose enlistment in communism with Castro came, therefore, as a natural thing to do.His daughter was allowed to wax lyrical on the affectionate father who so tragically trite the sentiments she expressed were. How could it be otherwise, given also her involvement in the savage government of Cuba.

Whatever the case for the ABC in the past, noting SBS wins much of its revenue on its own bat, it is surely finished. The choice which should be put to ABC is , the funds are now to be cut, it is sink or swim time.