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Monday, June 16, 2003
WOW! is a word that has never before appeared in ABCWatch, but in response to this morning's Henny Herald front page all Uncle can think of to say is Wow!

And this. Here is a broadsheet newspaper that used to claim to be a journal of record using its front page to boost the rackety political campaign of the self-promoting activist Andrew Wilkie.

Henny is not reporting what Andrew has done or said. So far all he's done is get on the plane to London.

She's promoting, in vague terms, what he says he's going to do, that is "tip a bucket on the Government's use of the now-suspect intelligence to justify Australia's role in the war".

Henny's assuming that whatever Andrew Wilkie says to a bunch of British politicians will carry weight. Why?

Nothing he's said to date informs us of anything beyond Andrew's state of mind.

Andrew Wilkie's case is this: There is no doubt that Iraq did have weapons at one time and something will eventually be found and dressed up as justification, but it won't be anything of the magnitude we were led to believe existed.

That is, Andrew believes that if Saddam had destroyed most of his WMD capacity before the inspections, there was no prospect that he would reconstruct them.

And that's the best the "show me" faction can do? Worth a business class ticket to London?

Certainly worth a front page in what's left of Sydney's broadsheet.