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Tuesday, June 17, 2003
UNCLE IS NOT BY TEMPERAMENT an Agony Aunt. So when Jim asks me

Can you please explain the point of last nights MW sneer at Channel Nine's" The Block"? As an unenthusiastic occasional watcher - the wife loves it - I can certainly attest to the fact that;

*it is a product of commercial television

*it attracts sponsors who pay for product placement

*the sponsors are acknowledged by the station in the credits

*the station "doesn't make a secret " of any of the above

*Channel Nine probably makes a shirt load of money due to the fact that the program rates highly (unlike MW)

What am I missing??

it is a struggle to retain my customary courtesy.

Where have you been these last thirty years Jim?

The trouble with "the Block" is

* they are in trade

* the people who watch them vote for John Howard, even if it takes the ALP to make them do it

* and admit to enjoying material prosperity, while earning a quarter of David Marr's income, if they're lucky, that is,

* in short, they love what this country offers them.

Jim, you didn't ask why Marr and the Gruesome Crew picked on poor old Sally Loane of Sydney local ABC radio for that "Laksar Jihad" stumble. It's a mistake made at least a dozen times before, including on Radio National.

The answers are similar:

* ABC local radio has an audience

* and it earns it, unlike Media Watch which is a parasite on Four Corners

* and their audience are the sort of people who also vote for John Howard, even if they hate advertisements with their radio programming, and can't stand the platinum parrot,

* and without local radio, Radio National would have disappeared without trace years ago, not to mention that

* the communards of Radio National hate anyone who is supported by the Australians they despise.

Jim, please don't ask such a stupid question again.