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Friday, June 13, 2003
OTHER PEOPLE'S MEDIA WATCH'S website is slow to update, charges Reader Rod.

Could be, but today has comments from yesterday. Including these apposite words:

Margaret: that's a straw man you're beating. Our complaint is not that MW attacks right-wing outlets, but that it ONLY attacks right-wing outlets, while ignoring similar or worse sins when they're committed by MW's ideological allies.

MW pretends to be about media standards, but its real agenda is to discredit media outlets and personalities with it disagrees politically.

I have absolutely no time for Piers Ackerman (who Paul Vautin described best . . . but I probably can't repeat that here), but, to take one example, Phillip Adams is at least as bad as Ackerman in terms of laziness and dishonesty . . . but you'd never know it from MW.

It is true that the Gruesome Crew are not rushing to correct this correspondent.