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Saturday, May 31, 2003
WHY BOTHER? seems to be the common theme of those writing in to Henny Herald to defend Auntie's right to just go on being Auntie.

If you go through Henny's mail, and all but one think they're defending Auntie, it seems that none of them has actually read the Alston dossier. They just attack Alston for criticising Auntie's politics.

The correspondents published in the Australian are no better.

The message I take from those defending Auntie's virtue is this: we don't care if she's biassed, because she's biassed our way.

These jelly brains actually like having the world filtered for them.

Pity about the rest of us who just have to pay the bills.

Just as pathetic in its intellectual fecklessness is the remark attributed to an Auntie apparatchik. It seems that it is inevitable that those who go into public broadcasting are on the left, since they are, apparently, not paid as much as Alan Jones and not as famous as Ray Martin. Just as inevitable that they'll be unable to comprehend what professionalism means.