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Saturday, May 31, 2003
NO SOONER had Uncle blogged on the lusciously-larynxed Margaret Throsby than the lass found herself well and truly out of her depth in an interview with Palestinian activist Ghada Karmi.

I did not hear it, preferring to use my time for music programming listening to music, but reader Chris W did, and was moved to write Margaret a note.

I'm following the emerging enquiry into the politicisation of the ABC with great interest. In the last five years I have gone from a passionate supporter of that network, to someone who would cheer at the suggestion that the ABC be defunded or even liquidated as an enterprise - you are that bad! Unfortunately your own on-air behaviour is symptomatic of this problem. I have heard (or perhaps just begun to notice) an large number of highly political guests on your show with extreme views, always left wing.

The last straw was this morning, when you featured Ghada Karmi, whose gentle voice disguised the vicious poison that she was speaking:- the elimination of the state of Israel, the 'blood-libel' of the Jews, the evil of the Americans, however sweetly expressed it was all there...

Feeling very angry at hearing these slanders on my national broadcaster, I did a quick search of Google and was not surprised to discover she is a contributor to a hardline Marxist organisation ( Yet from you we have no disclosure that Ghada Karmi is affiliated with this extremist group (or indeed any others to which she might be connected), and not even the slightest attempt to confront any of the horrible things she had to say, in particular about the Jews.

Another friend lost to Auntie.