Tim Blair


New Criterion



Tuesday, May 20, 2003
IT'S A WEIRD-OUT tonight. Someone has slipped ice into Max-weird's tea, and the mug-punters are hardly getting a word in.

The task for tonight is to examine how Australia's involvement in the liberation of Iraq has made us more vulnerable to terrorism, an effect that our involvement in detaching East Timor from Indonesia did not, of course, have.

Max is ropable about the plan to use reservists to supplement police in terrorist emergencies, should one arise.

It's all a threat to civil liberties.

Think of those "bungled" ASIO raids, on persons of "Muslim persuasion".

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom-fighter" says Max. "Then he's a protester. Where will it all end?"

We know, Max. It ends with every free-thinker like you in gaol.

Come to think of it....

Still, Uncle would settle to have Max off his pay-roll.

Memo to Biffer Balding: is this clown worth $25 million? Worth thinking about.