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Thursday, May 22, 2003
"I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Perhaps you are Tim Blair?

If you are Tim Blair you certainly seem to have an unhealthy preoccupation with the ABC. The ABC seems to be to you what Religion and God are to Philip Adams - you go on about the Broadcaster so much that I'm starting to think that maybe secretly you believe in it."

No, Margaret O'Connor, President of Friends of the ABC (ACT and Region), last time I checked with my Counsellor I was not Tim Blair. Never mind.

I do go on about Auntie and her more witless associates. That's what a blog called "ABCWatch" is for. Should have made myself clearer.

Now, what are you on about?

I take particular exception at your post as I think we work bloody hard in defence of the Broadcaster, in addition to our day jobs and have therefore been goaded into responding. Although we work hard, there is always room for improvement, and - since you seem so interested and seem to have so much time on your hands -if you wanted to join up and become a Friend, we'll soon load you up with lots of volunteer jobs...

I bet you would Margaret. Ever wondered why:

For years and years we have done NOTHING but ark up about the funding cuts, which have continued for 15 years and over different political administrations. We have complained and complained and complained and complained and spoken up and spoken up and spoken up some more and we have worked our buts off hassling politicians and alerting members and trying to galvanise the public ...

and yet

This latest incident of budget bastardry has been very depressing.

Time to stand back from the T-shirt stall and ask yourself a few obvious questions.

Like, is it good enough for the national publicly funded broadcaster to sound like the ALP Left at prayer?

Shouldn't an organisation that spends a few hundred mill of our money be expected to apply professional standards when political opinions are promoted by those to whom it hands its microphones on a regular basis?

Like balance, transparency, respect for others' opinions, respect for facts, knowing enough of what you're talking about not to make a fool of yourself daily.

I bet you don't admire Jonesy and Lawsy. Why do you support providing pulpits to several of their left-wing equivalents? Because one bad thing deserves another?

If you do think that the old tart (I mean Auntie) is open to even the slightest of improvements in the political conduct department, why don't you put it on the FABC website. Let's see the frankness that true friendship demands.

Until you and your Friends turn yourself into Auntie's real friends, poor old Uncle will just have to go on spending his valuable drinking time spouting infantile and unsubstantiated nonsense.

And I'll tell my ISP to stop filtering out your "national spokesperson's" page. That's HREOC's job.