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Friday, May 09, 2003
HENNY HERALD promises to deliver a cluster bomb in the culture wars.

Margaret Simons gives us a preview of a foretaste of her book defending the "secret women's business" campaigners against the Hindmarsh Island bridge. Forgotten already?

She's going to tip the bucket on Ron Brunton, Christopher Pearson, Philip Jones, Piers Akerman, the Royal Commissioner - all united in spin, dissimulation and wilful ignorance.

Uncle will read it with interest but with low expectations. Simons sets her goals very low indeed.

Look at this:

The white men who steered events behind the scenes in the Hindmarsh Island affair saw themselves as combating dangerous political correctness. I believe that in doing so they gave birth to a kind of anti-political correctness at least as silly, dangerous and ideologically blind to evidence as what it sought to replace.

That is, the faction that used false anthropology to oppose the bridge were crooks. But their critics are just as bad.

How Ms Simons can be bothered writing a book favouring one bunch of crooks over another beats me.