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Wednesday, May 07, 2003
THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE has been waiting for this.

The semantic vacuum was prepared, and reader Lloyd almost filled it. Let Uncle just give it a shove.


That's the word for people who write newspaper columns of the quality of the Gastropod's.

Here's Lloyd's moment of revelation:

It's interesting to listen to Phil take on the same ideological slant as his guests on "Late Night Live". Interviewing Harold Bloom the other night Phil even pretended to be scoffingly anti-PC once Bloom spoke disparagingly about the practice.

The sneering calumniator in print is transformed into a deferential brown-noser once he has to confront the opposition in person.
A lack of courage or just politeness?

Are you really in doubt Lloyd?

If so, consult the Bunyip's comparison of Gastropod before and after the Iraq campaign.

There is no truth in this man. Just protoplasm. And yesterday's dinner.