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Tuesday, May 27, 2003
BARELY ADEQUATE journalist Kerry O'Brien soiled his nappy seriously in last night's 7.30 Report.

When Kerry is determined to be the centre of attention he falls victim to interruptitis. In last night's case, an interview with the Prime Minister over the case of Hapless Hollingworth, the Governor General who almost was, Kerry was so determined to read out his extended scripted comment-questions that most Prime Ministerial answers were interrupted mid-sentence. Very unedifying.

However, Kerry did manage to reach climax. As time ran out, Kerry interrupted his talent before he had even finished his first sentence. 'We're out of time, sorry' Kerry barked.

Then he asked another question!

Uncle doubts that he and John Howard are often on the same wavelength. In this case our bemusement was identical.

"Pleasure" was Howard's last word.

"Disgrace" is Uncle's.