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Wednesday, May 28, 2003
ANDREW BOLT of the Herald Sun seems to have a warm relationship with the Gastropod.

NOW and then I receive an elegantly phrased note of abuse, neatly typed on personal letterhead and ending with a mock-matey "cheers", over the signature of Phillip Adams.

"I quite enjoy your drivellings," begins a typical one.
"You could be a Melburnian variation on Stan Zemanek," ends another. "Of course, you'll have to wait until your voice breaks."

Uncle didn't know the Gastropod could waddle that close to wit.

Andrew's chronicle of unrequited affection reveals the profound unhappiness in the more sane sections of the Parliamentary Labor Party at the support Philip Adams provides for Auntique thinking on the Australian left. And the support he provides for conservative governments thereby.

The once-lion of the left, who almost helped make Jim Cairns leader, who brought our children Sesame Street and has been feeding the infantility of the middle class left ever since, is now an embarrassment to the Party from which he extracted so much patronage.

I've always suspected Auntie's communards were a conservative conspiracy to weaken the Labor Party. Probably a conspiracy of white people, too.

(Thanks to Melbourne correspondent Bernard).