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Tuesday, April 15, 2003
A WASTE OF NEWS TIME, is the way Bernard M finds the rhetorical tricks of Auntie's presenters as they cross to the near-sighted Mr McGeough for his pimple-level view of the liberation of Iraq.

listening to Mark Colvin and Paul McGeough on 'PM'. Bill & Ben are the two characters who come first to mind. The utter vacuousness of Colvin's tedious commentary defies parody.

Should do, but doesn't, Bernard.

To see the parody done perfectly go to Monday night's Other-Peoples'-Media Watch.

David Marr and the Gruesome Crew show how the communards plan to win the peace, having lost the war. The result is a parody of leftism that is not without art.

Step one: adopt the al Jazeera position, a one-eyed pan-Arabism that allows Saddam Hussein, Bashar al Assad, etc, to be treated as just another one of us, opposing the Great Satan.

Step two: just in case anyone suggests that things for the people of Iraq might have actually got better post-Saddam, give prominence to any group larger than one that opposes the US presence. As well as all the victims of US aggression, of course.

Step three: completely forget that the left used to espouse liberal and modernist principles as you cuddle up to authoritarians, despots and racist fanatics.

Plenty to parody there, Bernard.

I bet Marr and the other communards find heaps of other ludicrous culs-de-sac to disappear up as they try to find which way the jihad went.