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Thursday, April 17, 2003
UNCLE'S DONE IT AGAIN. Left the car radio tuned to Radio National, that is.

By the time I had realised my error, and before I could disengage my limited powers of attention from the traffic and deal with the offending instrument my afternoon's tranquillity had been destroyed by that disgusting Gastropod and his Late Night Dead in the Afternoon session in Auntie's pulpit.

Our Phillip was talking to a Thomas Donnelly of the American Enterprise Institute. It is easy to tell these token fascists on Phil's program. If it were television instead of radio you'd notice that their eyes weren't rotating. Within the limits of radio you go by the fact that they talk sense and are totally ignored by the normally omniphageous host.

The Gastropod leads with the sort of question that usually draws immediate assent from his stroke-pals: Isn't it the case that Bush is a moronic puppet jumping on the strings pulled by his advisers?

No, says Donnelly. Can't be true; they often disagree. Anyone can observe that, as every President must, he listens and decides for himself.

No argument from the Gastropod. Does this mean he has given up the puppet thesis?

Well, it didn't on the last 50 occasions that rational, informed people have trodden on one of Phil's anti-Yank fairy-tales.

Does this mean that Phil is irredeemably stupid? Or is he too corrupt to care?

You choose.