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Tuesday, April 15, 2003
THE SECOND DUTY OF A FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT, if he or she works for Auntie, is to promote the jihad.

Two of them are doing their duty tonight.

Dominique Schwartz, with the aid of an NGO apparatchik called Simon Bond, exposes the oil politics of Angola.

And it's all about America.

Angola, like a large proportion of the world's oil-producing countries, is run by kleptocrats. The trouble is, they're sovereign kleptocrats.

Should be put under a drip-feed, oil for food program, like Iraq, says Dominique. Uncle doesn't recall her recommending it for Iraq. Uncle doesn't remember the UN approving it either, come to that. Perhaps because several members of the Security Council might just be in the same oil rig.

And, of course, it's all America's fault. Those oil companies linked to Cheney and Rice have their snouts in the trough. Therefore it's easy for the Bush administration to tell those thieving Angolans what to do.

Dominique doesn't tell you this, but if you look closely at the oil rig workers in her wallpaper footage, they all seem to be wearing ElfFinal labels. It's a pity Dominique's research talents don't extend to la francophonie.

The object of this report is not to help the Angolan poor. They're just the rhetorical decoration. The real target is the Great Satan.

They want to play the superpower? We'll show them what a superpower should do!

When they ignore our advice, we'll call them names. For a change.