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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
ON SUNDAY, Lane, a Radio National broadcaster, wrote of his sense of inner celebration whenever the Iraqi military scores a victory against the coalition. A former Church of Christ minister, he told of feeling compelled to pray for the defeat of "the coalition of the cruel", and wrote: "I want the army of my country, which is engaged in an act of gross immorality, to be defeated."

According to Imre Saluszinsky in today's Australian.

Lane's fellow Marxist Guy Rundle would settle for a long-drawn-out, bloody, Pyrrhic victory for the Americans:

But there is still the possibility of a long conflict that drags in Iraq's neighbours: "Bloody as such a result may be, it may be for the best in the long run because it is the only result that would set limits to future adventures." He's obviously trying for Lane's job with Auntie.

This Saluszinsky fellow is good. He should be running a blog.