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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

If you like to wake before sunrise you can hear one of Auntie's best news programs. It comprises cuts from reports by the BBC, CNN, etc. starting at 6.00 am eastern time.

For some reason these informative reports are topped and tailed by Peter Thompson, the ABC's morning mouthpiece, who gabbles some version of the original introductions. It's like the dog pissing on its neighbours fence posts.

Among this morning's reports was one dealing with the meeting of representative Iraqis under the aegis of Governor Garner.

In his morning stupor Uncle was sure he heard one of the Iraqis quoted as offering thanks to the coalition of the willing for making it all possible. It must have been a dream. Can't find it on the Beeb's site, nor, of course, on Auntie's.

The nearest we get is the following:

Suheil al-Suheil, a Baghdad lawyer, says "there are differences over the role of the Americans".

"We here prefer the Americans to rule us in the interim period. We are not ready to handle this yet. Saddam's orphans are still alive."

Other Iraqis who had not left the country said they wanted more US supervision in the interim period because they did not trust those who returned after Saddam's fall.

No doubt most Australians will see what's going on in Iraq without Auntie's assistance.