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Monday, April 07, 2003

These aren't Auntie's words either.

Interesting that you class the JDL ('Terrorist Supporter a School Teacher'), a small vigilante group with little support among Jews, as a terrorist group even though to date it has little history of actual terrorism, yet Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hizbollah, Fatah and the Al Aqsa brigades are routinely described a militant or activist groups even though they claim to have murdered hundreds of people and caused thousands of casualties.
JDL's 'illegality' centres around its philosphy that the removal of Arabs from Israel through transfer and land buyouts is the only real solution to the 'Palestinian' problem. (A solution adopted by Kuwait after the 1991 Gulf War.) While radical in the late 1980's, the concept is obviously sound since it matches the current UN policy to transfer Jews out of the area.
(Israel incorporates .01% of the Middle East - it fits 23 times into Tasmania - and slicing off bits will of course mollify the Arab world.)
Israel's Supreme Court that could kindly be described as left-leaning, will happily outlaw any thought of Arab transfer and consequently JDL/Kach, but allows Arab parties that praise those who murder Israeli children as 'heroes' to sit in the Israeli parliament.
So why the describe the JDL as a 'terror' group? If killing families attracts the label of 'activist' surely having semi-radical opinions does not mean you are a terrorist? Just ask any Anti-War protester.


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