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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I confess I'm not entirely clear what point you were trying to make
with your the two posts cited from the ABC website. The pro JDL (which
incidentally whitewashes the JDL's record considerably: a member has
recently been sentenced to 15 years odd in California for plotting to blow
up the office of an Arab American and there are pretty sound reasons
why Israel has outlawed bodies with members such as the late Baruch
Goldstein) letter obviously runs counter to the general anti Israel
perspective of the ABC and the anti gulf war letter is aligned with the ABC's
views. But are you suggesting that both views should have been deleted
from the message board, one of them or neither? I'd say both are
probably those of ratbags with little useful to say about the middle east
but I don't see why they shouldn't appear on a message board.

comments Charles C.

If you look at the presentation of the Butler rant, you'll see that it is - or was on Monday - given prominence, in positioning and typography. Like anti-war letters in Henny Herald.

The JDL rant has to take its place in the queue of readers' comments that no-one reads.