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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
HAVING LOST THE WAR the jihadis of the ABC are now determined to win the peace. It is, after all, the more difficult struggle.

David Marr, presenter of Other People's Media Watch, is doing his bit by slagging off at those networks who refuse to mimic al Jazeera.

On Monday night he and his gruesome crew presented to us an al Jazeera operative standing in front of some civilian wounded. She gave us a polemic to the effect that these few hard cases proved that the US policy of minimising civilian casualties was a fraud. Pure and simple.

Marr commended her for her passion. And, presumably, for her veracity.

Much better, Marr thinks, than the terrible Miranda Devine, who called the Islamic fascist terrorists flocking to help Saddam "cockroaches".

Of course, Miranda Devine is right, and al Jazeera wrong.

At least we know what side Auntie's jihadis are on.