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Sunday, April 06, 2003

When Pastor Terry Lane, the communard for after Sunday service, apologises to someone he just insults someone else.

According to his own version (no transcript), in last week's coverage of the Cole Royal Commission into the building industry, the Pastor said that Commissioner Cole had "inevitably" concluded that the building unions were "a criminal mob".

He now feels constrained to apologise to the building unions and retract, whether from conscience or a threatened writ he fails to say.

The inevitable implication of his retraction is that Commissioner Cole was prejudiced against the building unions, and had reached his conclusions before hearing the evidence. Which is what the unions believe.

Will Pastor Lane now apologise to Commissioner Cole, who has been abused by bigger boofheads than our whining Marxist preacher? Scourge me if I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

Lane attributes his embarrassment to a misjudged essay at editorialising on the radio. He promises not to do it again.

Since most of the Pastor's contributions are serial editorial commentary, in future the program In the National Interest will consist of guests' statements with short interruptions of, Uncle supposes, music.