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Sunday, April 27, 2003
Beazley challenges Crean - but not for his job

Beazley seems to think he can just walk in to Howard's job by brandishing a slogan: "respect".

What does it mean? Beazley's previous failure was based on the slogan "knowledge nation", which was always going to be hard to sell, even before he let Barry Jones loose on it. Then he scuppered himself by refusing to fund his own slogan, in favour of the anti-GST slogan of the previous election.

Now he suggests he can lead labor out of the wilderness by selling the electorate on a foreign policy that stresses how we differ from the allies the voters prefer, the US and the UK. Presumably in favour of the Euro-statists the left prefers.

After Iraq!

It seems John Howard, or Peter Costello, is going to kill two labour leaders with one bullet. And it's not even the Coalition's bullet.