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Monday, April 07, 2003
AS THE US DEFEATS on the margins of Baghdad move closer and closer to each other, Auntie's communards are re-grouping rapidly around the tattered banner of the intolerable consequences of America's disgustingly easy victory. And the intolerably unbalanced way their US media counterparts told a truer story than Auntie did.

On the 7.30 report, fronted by that adequate journalist, Kerry O'Brien, we were told by a talent who makes Bob Brown look congenial, someone the minders dragged out of a never-before-heard-of think tank, that the unprecedented, and largely uncensorable coverage provided by the embedded reporters was far too immediate. No integration. No reflection.

We are expected to forget that there were thousands of other, un-embedded reporters behind the dust-clouds to do that for us.

We were also expected to forget the performance of the ABC's reporters embedded in the Iraqi back-lines in Baghdad, and the Iraq friendly capital of Jordan, whose reports were fatuous where they weren't taken straight from CNN, and useless when they were.

And Kerry's expert panel still flatly refuses to agree with his leading on WMD. Kerry wants them to be struck by their absence from the materiel captured by the Americans, and, at the same time, to speculate about whether or not Saddam will use them now.

For all their patriotic puffery, the US media provided a better appreciation of the progress of the war than did Auntie's serial commentators.