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Saturday, April 12, 2003
APOLOGY. In a post recently Uncle attributed to a Mr Guy Rundle the view that it is not worth supporting your country's enemies unless they are killing lots of your fellow citizens. Having read Mr Rundle's further personal explanation, this time in the Henny Herald of Sydney, Uncle wishes to apologise to Mr Rundle for suggesting that his moral concerns operated at such a pettifogging level.

It is now clear to me that Mr Rundle, in "half-hoping the war would spread to the whole Middle East", considers the deaths of not only his fellow citizens but those of any other place an inconsiderable accessory to the real struggle, the fight against the source of all evil in the world, US imperialism.

I trivialised Mr Rundle by suggesting that he was not a totalitarian ideologue, who considers the continuation of a monstrous tyrant like Saddam Hussein more moral than a bourgeois democracy that removes him, and to whom the fate of real people is always beneath any concern. I acknowledge that he is a true follower of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Kim Jong Il, those giants of political thought and action, and I apologise unreservedly for implying that he would act merely from motives as small as a hateful and self-righteous contempt for the fate of his fellow countrymen and women.