Tim Blair


New Criterion



Thursday, April 03, 2003
AMERICAN STUDENTS in Australia are "an easy target" for schoolyard abuse, according to a school psychologist interviewed on tonight's 7.30 report. Why should that be so?

Because the schools have made it clear, quite correctly, that Muslim students should not be abused. And because the students hear their teachers calling the US the kind of foul names you can hear any day of the week on Auntie's overt and covert commentaries. And they see their teachers supporting anti-US demos at which ethnic vilification of Yankees is the norm.

Who knows, perhaps some of them accidentally read Phillip Gastropod Adams.

Here's an urgent case for battling Bill Jonas of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Based on his campaign against critics of Australian supporters of Islamic totalitarianism, here's what Bill is likely to do next:

- launch a campaign through the media to warn the population against the vilification of our US citizens and guests;

- establish nation-wide counselling sessions for teachers and students who engage in vilification;

- see whether or not he can define US citizenship as a religion, since they're such an inconveniently diverse mob ethnically and therefore may be judged beyond the reach of Bill's protection;

- give a big contract to some scientific research organisation to work out how they can automate the task of sniffing out and suppressing hateful remarks about Yanks on the internet.

- take legal action against publishers like Auntie and the Australian that insist on giving space and money to purveyors of ethnic hatred and prejudice.

You've done it all before, Bill.