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Friday, March 07, 2003

In tonight's Australia Talks Back, presenter and opinion-straightener Max-weird McCutcheon tells the world just how far off the planet he and his fellow Communards are. Pay attention now; you're going to find this hard to believe.

Among Max's wilder-eyed stroke-pals was one man who believes the September 11th was a Mossad conspiracy. This does not make him extra-weird on the Auntie-left, but this man also believes that Pearl Harbour was a hoax, by the Americans I presume. 'Why, oh why? wails the caller, will no-one in the ABC take this well-documented story seriously. Even Philip Adams' minders have passed on it.

Look, says Max-weird, we've tried to make a story of it, but we just can't find any reputable talent to back it.

No worries, replies the rattle-headed caller, just try Dr X and Professor Y. They're on my Website.

Thanks, gushes Max-weird, just as soon as you hang up my producers will be checking that site and following up.

Aren't you impressed?

Have you ever, in your private thoughts, accused old Uncle of an extravagant characterisation of Max-weird's politics? Well, wash your mouth out.

You can't satirise the truly weird.

(You'll have to listen to the audio to experience this Max-weirdness. It's about thirty minutes in.)