Tim Blair


New Criterion



Monday, March 10, 2003
IN A RHETORICAL DEVICE almost as shonky as the use of the presumptive disqualification "controversial", Auntie's national TV news tonight covers the critics of John Howard's reference to the Bali bombing before telling us anything of what Howard actually said.

Using his remarkable, almost Holmesian, powers of inference, Uncle has worked out that Howard told his New Zealand audience that the Bali bombing had something relevant to tell us about the case for liberating Iraq from its homicidal maniac of a dictator. As it does.

Simon Crean doesn't agree. Nor does the father of one of the Bali victims who has gone public several times in his efforts to blame the Australian government for the al Quaida murders.

Auntie sees no need to go any further in covering the matter. Or even to tell us what the matter was.