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New Criterion



Tuesday, March 25, 2003
DEPENDING AS I DO on Auntie's broadcasts for all of my news of the liberation of Iraq, I have found it necessary to resort to the principle employed by war observers in ancient times.

I note the direction of the US defeats as they noted the direction of the king's victories.

Auntie's presenters and commentators, to a man or woman, are utterly convinced the skirmishes in southern Iraq amount to a major set-back. The label "Vietnam" has already been tied to the toe of this campaign. By Auntie's communards, that is.

It seems that moving 100 000 people, heavily equipped, one hundred Ks a day on average for a week across enemy territory is not to be accounted progress.

No matter how often the expert panel of that remarkable journalist Kerry OBrien hose him down, this redoubtable talent returns to his thesis like the proverbial dog to its vomit.

The tiny number of verifiable Iraqi civilian casualties, whoever caused them, is taken as sufficient proof that the US emphasis on keeping away from civvies is just window-dressing.

And the US POWs being subject to the brutality of the Iraqi military are just like their counterparts in the World Trade Center, getting what they asked for.

So, how do we explain that the popular support for the campaign has now exceeded 50%, according to Newspoll?

We don't have to. In the several hours of Auntie's effusions I've listened to since the Newspoll result was announced, it has been mentioned not at all.

Probably can't face the fact that the majority of their fellow citizens are war criminals.

More likely still, they knew it anyway.