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Monday, March 31, 2003
AUNTIE'S POOR ETHNIC COUSIN, the Special Broadcasting Service, has a tame commentator for its nightly TV news. His name is Adam Cobb, and he has the approval of New York-based correspondent Jonathan Holmes whose advice is sought by Max-weird McCutcheon of Australia Talks Back.

Adam Cobb is described as a "Defence Analyst".

Cobb has had a remarkable series of appointments for a young man who has also served in the Royal Navy. Among the previous assignments and competencies he claims, we find no reference to Middle East Affairs, Arab studies, or indeed military strategy generally. His field is cyber security.

And the skill to talk himself into a commentatorship with Auntie's extended family. Perhaps over-extended.

Mr Cobb may have other qualifications that make him attractive to the ethnic jihadis.

According to his own Web puff, he is: Considered a leading national security expert in Australia, Cobb has written for, and has been interviewed by, most major newspaper and radio programs in the country, and several international media organisations.

Unfortunately, a meagre response from Google fails to support the claim. although Auntie and the Age have made use of his talents before. His agility is attested to by the speed with which he jumped on the East Timor waggon.

Following an unhappy experience as a visitor to the Commonwealth Parliament's research service, which might repay enquiry, Cobb operates from "Australia's first private defence think tank".

This organisation claims offices in Sydney, Canberra and Washington, but only one employee, Cobb.

Interesting talent selection.