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Saturday, March 29, 2003
AS SADDAM'S TIME in his castle of sand cemented by blood runs out, there has been a flurry of voting in Uncle's deliberative poll on the most appropriate employment for him.

I have been distressed at the lack of interest in Peter Costello's progress to the leadership of the Liberal Party, and therefore of the Australian Government, with only 7% of us wanting to give patient Pete this leg up.

Equally distressing are those readers who add to the overwhelming plurality in favour of giving Saddam a job with Auntie, scripting for the communards at this time of heavy workload in the jihad department. I told you weeks ago that he had already accepted Biffer Balding's offer and was contributing copy by email and controlled reportage.

It still seems to me that Saddam's real genius suits him admirably for the industrialized slaughter of the Cooma abbatoir. I regret that so few of you agree with me.

On a cheerier note, few of you wanted to waste Saddam's monstrous talent by adding his corpse to the mountain composed of his victims.

In any case, since Auntie has already taken our advice, no further action is needed. Quit voting. Unless you really need to.